FENDER MARINE FZE, RAK is a UAE based manufacturer of wide range of quality Rubber Products like Marine Rubber Fender, Hatch Cover Seals, Rubber Packing, Polyurethane, and Engineering Rubber Products for Ports, Ships and Boats building Industry, Maritime Infrastructures, Construction Projects, Container Walls, Infrastructure developers, Offshore Oil drilling Platforms, Naval establishments, etc. Our range of Rubber Maine Fenders includes Cylindrical Fenders (Ship & Jetty), D Fenders (DD & DO), Delta Fenders, Square and Rectangular Fenders (SD & SO), W & M Fenders, Key Hole Fenders, Arch Fenders (Dyna Arch Fender, Flat Top Arch Fender, Corner Arch Fender, U Arch Fender), Cell Fenders, Cone Fenders, Wing or GD Fenders, I & IV Fenders, Shear Fender, Strip or Boat Landing Fenders, White and Colored Fenders, PU Foam Fenders & Buoys, Rubber Packing & Seals, UHMW-PE Sheets, P.U, Engineering Products, ‘O’ Rings, Hydraulic Seals, Gasket, etc. made as per International standards or customer specifications.