Cylindrical Fenders

a). Cylindrical Fender for Offshore/Jetty.
Cylindrical rubber-dock fender is a type of Cylindrical fender with hollow inside diameter in proportionate with the outer diameter. Generally, the standard proportion / ratios between the outside diameters and the inside diameters are 2:1 and 1. 75:1. These cylindrical fenders are used to clamp upon the quay / jetty for absorbing the shock or impact created by rubbing of the steel of a vessel with the quay. The hollow inside of the fender acts as a spring which gives cushioning effect and the load/shock is dispersed all over the fender, thus protecting the quay and the vessel’s body. Cylindrical fender can be installed horizontally along with chains on either side or at an angle.


(b). Cylindrical fenders for Ships.

Cylindrical fenders are commonly used fenders recommended for all types of application to ensure a safe and linear berthing for the different kind of vessels. Cylindrical fenders are an economical solution to protect most of the berthing structures and offer much ease for installation. With 50% design compressive deflection, this kind of rubber fender can effectively buffer the collision between docks and ships.

FENDER MARINE Cylindrical fenders have with high energy absorption and low reaction force. We are manufacturing our cylindrical fenders by Molding, Extrusion and wrapping methods as per the customer requirements for Offshore and Ships. FENDER MARINE Cylindrical rubber fender is mainly suitable for tugboat and pushing vessel. It can be installed at the bow, side and stern of a ship to push and drag the ship.

FENDER MARINE Cylindrical Rubber fender features low reaction force, less surface pressure, and reasonable energy absorption. Due to its simple shape, this marine fender is easy to install and maintain. It is suitable for all kinds of ships and docks. It has good adaptability for the pitching and rolling of ships during berthing. This rubber fender can be used as the suspended type defense equipment for various docks. As per the requirement of the length of the fender it can be suited in one or more sections/lengths, when there are multiple lengths spigots or connector plugs are used for installation.